Wheatvale School Service Morning

Times Pick up point
7:24 amLeyburn Cunningham Rd - Tralee Road
7:26 amLeyburn Cunningham Rd - Big Hill Road
7:28 amLeyburn Cunningham Rd - White Street
7:30 amDiagonally opposite McAlister Road
7:32 amLeyburn Cunningham Rd - Siebel Lane
7:35 amLeyburn Cunningham Rd - Condamine River Road
7:38 amIn front of 3 houses
7:42 amCunningham Road just after corner
7:47 amMontrose Lane - after cunningham highway
7:49 amCnr Greymary Road and Montrose Lane
7:52 amTurnaround at Greymare Hall
7:58 amCunningham Road
8:08 am3rd house heading north on Repeater Rd
8:13 amBony Mountain Rd - Mountain Rd
8:15 amHouse before the bend on Bony Mountain Rd
8:17 amHouse after bend on Bony Mountain Rd
8:19 amUpper Wheatvale Rd before the Corner
8:22 amWheatvale Plains Rd
8:28 amWheatvale State School

All times are in Australian Eastern Standard Time (Queensland).
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